I last left you off by introducing you to "my story of religion." I narrowed down the last 18 years of my life into 5 events or so-called stages. So here they are...

Event #1 - my religious education classes (otherwise known to me as CCD)
I started attending these hour and a half long classes every Monday night at 6 o' clock when I entered 1st grade. I never had a choice in whether I wanted to go or not. It was the norm for all of the children that belonged to my church.  My parents followed suit and placed my brother and I in these classes. Enrollment in these classes were required to be able to receive the sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist, and Confirmation. 

I absolutely hated going to these classes. The teachers were mean and took a very forceful teaching approach in sharing the stories from the Bible. The kids that were in my class were never friendly towards me which made me feel uncomfortable and lonely. I would beg my mom to let me skip but that happened almost never. 

These classes that were suppose to educate me on my religion were ultimately the first strike in what started to turn me off towards religion as a whole. 

Event #2 - Reconciliation 
To my knowledge on what Reconciliation is, you go on Saturday mornings to church and tell the priest your sins. He then will give you some sort of penance which is usually in the form of prayer. After that, you're done. 

I had to go to Reconciliation before I made my first Holy Communion and it was an interesting experience. I first had to learn what sins were before I could be forgiven for them. I was told that they were the bad things you do. (I was 9 at the time so that's how I understood it, and still do)

I began to question how telling a priest all my sins and me saying prayers would make everything better in the eyes of God. And my so-called sins ranged from not listening to my parents to being mean to my brother. These were considered sins and as I learned in CCD (more like scared into thinking) if I were to die without confessing these sins, I was going to Hell.  Even at a young age, I thought that was absurd. 

Event #3 - First Holy Communion
My first Holy Communion was the day I received the eucharist (also known as the body of Christ) for the first time. 
I remember getting all dressed up for the occasion. My aunt bought me a white dress and I went all out with a veil and brand new shoes with a slight heel in them, gasp! (Being 9 years old and wearing "heels" was a big deal for me, even bigger than receiving the eucharist for the first time.) 

I remember standing in line waiting to receive the eucharist feeling like such a grown up. At this point in time, I felt like I became more a part of my church now that I was able to go stand in line for communion at every mass. You could say that I felt a little more connected to my religion after my First Holy Communion. 

** The party and money that I was given after my First Holy Communion were all a bonus, but a pretty awesome bonus. 

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